WAGO 221-412 / Connection Clamp with 2 Lever Conductors Compact Wire Connectors

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Wago 221 Series Compact Splicing Connectors for all wire types

This new series is 40 % smaller and even more user-friendly than its successful predecessor, the 222 Series.

WAGO's new 221 Series tool-free lever operated connectors for electrical installations allow solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires to be connected faster, more reliably, while minimizing the amount of space in junction boxes: This is not just made possible by their compact design, which is 40 % smaller than the well-established 222 Series, but also by their transparent housing, easier handling, and two test ports.

The transparent housing allows you to clearly see if the wires are connected properly and stripped to the correct length. Furthermore, two easily accessible test ports, one in the wire entry direction and one opposite this, provide easy test conditions, even when installed.

WAGO's new 221 Series splicing connectors are also easier to use: The operating levers can now be opened and closed using noticeably less force. Lateral hollowed-out grips provide a firm hold on the 221 Series connectors in any situation. 

The connectors accommodate stranded wires from 0.14 to 4 mm², as well as solid and fine-stranded wires from 0.2 to 4 mm² (24–12 AWG). They are therefore ideally suited to connect different wire sizes and types to each other. Tinned current bars ensure a permanent, gas-tight and secure wire connection.
Ratings up to 32 A/450 V and 105°C maximum continuous operating temperature allow the 221 Series Splicing Connectors to be used at ambient temperatures up to 85 °C (T85), making them ideal for small and large loads. Furthermore, approvals like ENEC or UL allow them to be used in worldwide applications.

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