Single Room Heat Recovery Kit with Remote Controller Extractor Fan Cowl HRV100P

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Heat Recovery Kit with Remote Controller 
Duct Fitting Size - 100mm/4"


HRV100 is designed for decentralized ventilation with heat recovery for the single room.
It is equipped with an accumulation heat exchanger to retain and accumulation of heat in the exhaust air from the room in which the system is installed.
The accumulated heat is transmitted to an air supply from outside. With this solution, it is possible to distribute fresh air with the same temperature of the room - regardless of the weather conditions outside.
The system operates in two modes: exhaust and supply air
Each mode can be operated in two gears:
1 - Slow exhaust - Slow supply
2 - Quick exhaust - Fast supply.
Shifting is done using a pull chain, positioned at the body of the fan or remote controller
The duration of each of them is 60 seconds.
The heat exchanger is made of aluminum.
The device has a significant advantage over other competitive 
solutions due to the following aspects:
• The innovative design of the heat accumulator made of aluminum
• Reduced fan energy consumption to 1.5 W at first gear
• Easy to install in the wall without ducts
• Easy heat recovery from one room
• Quiet, energy efficient fan
• The standard equipment includes air filter Supply
• The device does not require connection to the sewage system
Voltage: 240V/50Hz
Protection class: IP-X4


Voltage: 240V/50Hz
Consumption: 1st gear - 1.5W / 2nd gear 2W
Max Flow Rate: 1st gear - 35m3/h  / 2nd gear 50m3/h 
Protection class: IP-X4
Max Noise Level: 44Db

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