Silent High Temperature Inline Extractor Fan 250mm Chimney Flue Liner Ventilator

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Silent High Temperature Inline Extractor Fan 250mm

The axial duct fan is designed for both exhaust and supply ventilation.
The fan is designed for installation in round ventilation ducts.
Working air should not contain dust, hard substances or sticky fibrous materials.
The temperature of the surrounding air should not exceed +60°C (41°F).
The fan is not suitable for operation in an aggressive environment.
In terms of the type of protection against electric shock, the fan belong to the 1st class devices.
The level of protection against access to hazardous parts and against wateringress is Ip44.
The fan consists of a housing and a motor with a propeller.
The electric motor is seatedon the handle attached inside the housing. 
Connection to a single-phase network the fan must be led through a single-pole switch.
The distance between the contacts of the switch at all poles must be minimum 3 mm.

Temperature resistant motor with ball bearing

The use of a ball bearing allows the fan to be mounted in any position (wall, ceiling, or inclined) without affecting its parameters.
The fan motor is adapted to work in high temperatures (up to 60° C).


Voltage: 240V/50Hz
Air-flow: 1450m3/h
Noise level: 60dbA
Operating temperature: -40°C - +60°C
Power consumption: 110W
Estimated time of work: 50000h

Rotation Speed: 2400Rpm

Protection Class: IP44

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