Grey Wall Outlet with Check Valve 150mm x 150mm / 110mm Flange Duct Cowl

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Grey Wall Outlet with Check Valve 
150mm x 150mm / 110mm

Exhaust wall outlet with a non-return valve and a flange for decorative design of outlets for exhaust ventilation systems of domestic, public and industrial buildings.
They are a well-planned and carefully selected range of products necessary for the construction of ventilation systems for residential, administrative and industrial premises.
This series are made of ASA plastic, which is similar to the ABS plastic you are used to, but differs from it in weather resistance and ultra-reliability.
Products made of ASA-plastic during operation on the outside of buildings do not turn yellow, do not lose their strength, do not become brittle and do not crack under temperature changes.


110mm Duct Pipe/Hose Connection
Colour - Grey
Air Vent Cover
Non-return Valve
High-Quality ASA Plastic
Simple To Fit

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Ventilation Cover


Non-Return Valve, Flange, Damper, Gravity Flap


Duct Cover with Gravity Flap


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