Decorative Auto Active Exhaust Ceiling Valve Round Air Vent Grille Circle Vents

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Decorative Auto Active Exhaust Valve:

The valve has used the Bernoulli equation and the pressure difference to support gravitational ventilation. It's not magic, it's pure physics. The insulating material used in the stem of the automatic ventilation grille not only supports the fight against moisture but also effectively dampens noises. The construction of the grille prevents the return of moisture, which is the cause of mold renewal. Moreover, the grille is made of insulating material, which prevents the condensation of moisture on its entire surface.


-High-Quality ABS Plastic

-Modern and unique design

-Easy to keep clean


-Supports maintaining moisture at the correct level of ~ 50%.

-Size 100mm - Use for holes from 100 mm to 115 mm - circular connection.

-Size 125mm - Use for holes from 120 mm to 135 mm - circular connection.

Note: Press assembly using the expansion tape included in the kit or use low expansion foam or silicone applied to the face of the grille from the inside and glued to the wall

Additional information


Armar Trading LTD


Ventilation Ducting Cover

High quality

ABS plastic


Modern and unique


to keep clean

Grille prevents:

Condensation of moisture


Dampens noises


Chrome, Graphite, Satin, White


100mm, 125mm


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