Bubble Envelopes

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Bubble Envelopes
High Quality
Bubble envelopes are made of high-quality materials.
PE coated paper, which provides excellent protection against moisture content.
Envelopes filled with white colour bubble foil having a closure in the form of the self-adhesive strip.
Designed for fragile or heavy objects that are stored or transported long.
Special coextruded barrier gives us greater protection against moisture and makes the envelope is very strong.
Bubble wrap (Astro-Supra-Bubble ®) inside the envelope provides a better cushioning products, keeping the air even under heavy and sustained pressure for a much extended period of time.

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Armar Trading LTD


115mm x 175mm, 135mm x 225mm, 165mm x 225mm, 195mm x 275mm, 200mm x 175mm, 235mm x 275mm, 235mm x 350mm, 245mm x 350mm, 285mm x 370mm, 315mm x 455mm, 370mm x 480mm, 425mm x 480mm


A11, B12, C13, CD, D14, E15, F16, G17, H18, J19, K20, K21


Bubble Envelope


1, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 50, 5, 25, 10

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