AHR160 Heat Recovery Kit / 160mm Extractor Fan Decentralised Ventilation System

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AHR160 Heat Recovery Kit
AHR160 is a new generation of decentralized ventilation devices facilitating ventilation while reducing heat loss. Thanks to the use of an accumulation heat exchanger, the AHR retains and stores heat energy to transfer it to the cooler, supplied air. The difference between the AHR and HRV series lies in the solutions used to automate their operation. The applied electronics control the operation of the device and adjust its parameters depending on the conditions in the room where the AHR is installed.
AHR160 has the ability to connect several devices installed in one or more rooms with the possibility of pairing them via wireless communication. No hassle of connecting devices with a power cord. Connection is possible in various modes, e.g. both units only supply or only exhaust and alternate operation, one unit blow in and the other blows out.
The ceramic exchanger
The ceramic exchanger is the heart of the device and one of its most important elements. In AHR,  a hexagonal exchanger was used, thanks to which one of the highest heat recovery rates in decentralized ventilation devices available on the market was obtained.
The duct was made of PVC with the addition of silver ions to prevent the proliferation of bacteria inside it. Additional insulation was used to reduce condensation and heat loss.
The AHR is equipped with two air purifying filters.
Automatic shutters
Automatic shutters that cut off the airflow when the device is turned off and a soundproofed internal panel increase the comfort of use.
AHR is equipped with a 24V DC Energy-saving brushless motor.
Remote control
The AHR160 is equipped with infrared remote control, enabling the device to be operated in the full range of changing operating modes, operating speed as well as switching on and off.
Temperature and humidity sensor
The wireless temperature and humidity sensor enable automatic operation of the device, which, based on the measurements, adjusts the operating speed.
Timer AHR
The device has the ability to automatically turn off after 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 120, and 180 minutes from turning on. The display shows the time remaining until shutdown. Shifting the gear does not affect the clock operating. After the set time has been counted down, the device will turn off and the last used gear will be remembered.
Activation of the mode is signaled by the sequential lighting of the LEDs (from top to bottom) in the central part of the display.
Function operated by remote control.
 Humidity sensor AHR
AHR160 is standardly equipped with a humidity sensor (HIGRO mode), thanks to which, the device is turned on when the humidity level in the room where it is installed exceeds the set value. This value can be set by the user in the range from 10% to 90% in 10% increments. In the HIGRO mode, the device compares the measured value of room humidity with the value set by the user. If the measured value is greater than the set value by 0-10%, the device will turn on in the first gear, by 10-20% - in the second, more than 20% - in the third gear. The device will be turned off when the actual humidity level is equal to the set one.
Activation of the HIGRO mode is signaled by the flashing symbol on the device screen.
Function operated by remote control.
The three-speed option is available in the AHR decentralized fan model, only. The gears are switched up/down with a remote control or automatically - the operating parameters of the device are adjusted to the prevailing conditions thanks to the temperature and humidity sensor.
Remote control AHR
The remote control for AHR160 allows the device to work in the following modes:
RECUPERATION (The flow direction is changed automatically based on the measurement temperature)
TIMER (enables automatic shutdown of the device after 5-180 minutes)
HUMIDITY (the speed depends on the settings and currently measured humidity)
EXHAUST (continuous operation in the exhaust direction)
AIRFLOW (continuous operation in the airflow direction)
NIGHT (silent)
In addition, the remote control allows you to synchronize an infinite number of AHR devices, set the clock time, and reset the filter contamination counter.

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