4 x Aluminum Rims X1 Valve MS525 / Wheel Tubeless Tire Twisted Stem Valve

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4 x Aluminum Rims X1 Valve MS525

Our replacement tubeless tire valve stems help keep you on the road.

Twisted tubeless valve designed for aluminum rims.
Designed specifically for users who value aesthetics and high quality workmanship.
The product fits perfectly with various patterns of aluminum rims and enhances the visual attractiveness of the mounted wheels.

Made of metal coated with a zinc protective coating.
It is characterized by very high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage.
The basis of the structure is a metal bolted body equipped with a rubber gasket and a plastic washer.
Hexagonal metal cap with gasket effectively protects the valve against dirt and moisture, and its shape makes it easier to unscrew.
The valve is not deformed despite the large centrifugal forces.
Elements and materials used to make it guarantee a long and trouble-free operation.
The valve maintains high tightness and guarantees maintaining the correct pressure in the wheel.

The X1 series valves will be used in vehicles that travel at high speeds.
They are an excellent offer for a wide group of recipients, including those who love tuning and motor sports.
With the assembly parameters coincident with the popular type TR 413 valve, they can be used on most aluminum rims available on the market.

 This valve will replace snap-in types TR412, TR413, TR414, & TR418

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