125mm / 10m Aluminium Insulated Acoustic Flexible Hose Air Duct Ventilation Tube

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125mm / 10m Insulated Aluminium Duct with Membrane

Extra light, flexible air ducts made of aluminized PVC on a wire base
Easy to install, retains its properties by repeated bending and squeezing
Maximum allowable temperature + 80° С.
The insulated acoustic low noise ducting can be used with all hydroponics and ventilation needs.
Example: Heat recovery units, Grilles, Fans & Carbon Filters for grow room/tent.


Length: 10 Meter Long.
Anti-Moisture layer prevents water getting into the insulation.
Sound dampening layer reduces noise and vibrations.
Hard-wearing, multi-ply aluminium foil built to last.
Ideal for hydroponics, toilets, bathrooms, offices, workshops and garages.
Please note: The Acoustic Ducting contains fiberglass, we would recommend using gloves and a dust mask when installing.

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Air duct wire-reinforced


Thermal Duct with Membrane


Thermally Insulated Ducting

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Foil Pipe


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